Bible, History and Archeology

The magazine "BIBLE, HISTORY and ARCHEOLOGY” (Dutch: “Bijbel, Geschiedenis en Archeologie, BGA”) deals with biblical archeology and the historical background of the Bible, both of the Old Testament and the New Testament.


Finds that confirm the reliability of the Bible hardly ever reach publicity. You can read about this in the magazine 

"Bible, History and Archeology".


                You can request a trial number of the magazine by transferring an amount of € 2,- to:

                Bank account number NL16 RABO 0339 9781 71 in the name of: “Tijdschrift Bijbel".

In the magazine "Bible, History and Archeology" attention is given to excavations in the countries that are discussed in the Bible. BGA contains interesting articles about finds that shed light on the text of the Bible and confirm the reliability of the Bible. Many such articles do not make the most magazines. BGA editors are willing to give lectures with a PowerPoint- presentation during meetings of church congregations.

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